Socialisation Training Manual

A short course intended to “socialise” the participants with the basic workflows typically carried out when performing a natural disaster scenario analysis with QGIS and InaSAFE.

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As one of the most hazard-prone and densely populated countries in the world, Indonesia faces significant risk of loss of lives and challenges to development progress as a result of natural disasters. The development of disaster management plans is seen as an important step to strengthen disaster risk reduction programs. However, this can only be effective when risk assessments and contingency planning utilise realistic hazard scenarios. Realistic hazard scenarios require scientific, sound and up-to-date data hazard information as well as up-to-date, scale appropriate exposure data. Such map-based risk assessments and contingency plans contribute to better disaster management planning and response.

Course media

All of the content for this course are available for free and can be freely shared and redistributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

The data used in this course are available for download on Ask your trainer which data you will need to download for the course if it is not provided.

If you are working through the training independently, please use the relevant data package: