Module 13: Getting Support

Learning Objectives

  • Use social media to connect with InaSAFE community

  • Access QGIS tutorial website

1. Facebook

With the development of social media today, it is great that QGIS and InaSAFE users can exchange ideas online. One common platform that can be used is Facebook.

In Indonesia, you can join the community of QGIS users on Facebook in the group Forum Pengguna QGIS dan InaSAFE Indonesia to discuss the experiences or difficulties you have using QGIS and InaSAFE.



2. QGIS Tutorials

You can also obtain a variety of tutorials and the latest information about QGIS on the web here.

On this page you will also find contact information for the QGIS Indonesia forum, if you need assistance at any time regarding the use of QGIS or InaSAFE.

Please stop by any time!