Getting involved

If you like the work we are doing with InaSAFE and would like to contribute, we will welcome your involvement. We spend a lot of time and effort trying to make a robust, user-friendly and useful software platform, but there is no substitute for having interested users participating and sharing their needs, problems and successes! Here are a few simple ways you can get involved:

Visit our web site!

The web site will always contain the latest information on how to use InaSAFE. We encourage anyone who wants to get involved with the project to first read the content available on the site to familiarise themselves with the content. The website is available at:

If you need help in solving problems with InaSAFE take a look at Getting Help.

Add yourself to the InaSAFE Usermap!

As a User/Trainer/Developer of InaSAFE you are encouraged to add yourself to the Usermap page available at:

Use the Add me to map! button on the left side and point the cross to the place where you live. Fill in your user data and click on Done!. Here you may also download the coordinates of all entered InaSAFE users as a CSV file.

Use our issue tracker!

We maintain an issue tracker here:

On this page you can browse and search existing issues and create new issues. The issue tracker is a great place to let us know about specific bugs you encounter or tell us about new features you would like to see in the software. Information about how to correctly file an issue is available in the Submit an Issue section.

Chat live to developers on IRC!

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a chat room environment where you can talk (by typing messages) to other InaSAFE users and developers to discuss ideas and get help. You can use your own IRC client and join #inasafe on the network. We also have a direct link on Click on Chat live! at the top of the page and join us in the channel. Alternatively, you can use your web browser to join the chat room using the link below:

On the form that appears, choose a user name, enter #inasafe in the Channels: box and complete the rest of the details in the form. After logging in wait a few moments and you will be taken to the #inasafe channel.


Other people in the room may not be actively watching the channel, so just ask your question, leave the chat window open and check back every now and then until you see other chat room members become active.

Submit your code!

We must emphasise that InaSAFE is free and open source. That means anyone (or any organisation) can freely modify, adapt and improve the software. We welcome any contributions to InaSAFE.

The easiest way to do this is to fork the InaSAFE code base on GitHub and then send us a pull request.

We also welcome small improvements, translations or other fixes via the issue management system mentioned above.


We have strict requirements that all code submitted to InaSAFE is compliant with high coding_standards and is continually tested by a comprehensive regression testing system. We have this requirement in place to ensure a good experience for our users and to ensure that users can have confidence in the results produced by InaSAFE.