Using QGIS

InaSAFE uses QGIS as the platform on which to provide its functionality. QGIS itself has good documentation and a very helpful user community. In this section we focus on those aspects of QGIS functionality that will be helpful to someone wanting to carry out impact scenario assessments using InaSAFE.

There are three good resources to get you up to speed with using GIS in general and QGIS in particular:

  • The Gentle Introduction to GIS by Linfiniti Consulting - it is a free electronic book that introduces the concepts of GIS in a very easy to read manner.

  • The QGIS User Manual - also an electronic book that serves as a reference guide to the QGIS Desktop Application.

  • The QGIS Training Manual by Linfiniti Consulting that provides a detailed training guide on QGIS and PostGIS.