Keywords Wizard

This wizard will lead you through the process of defining keywords for an exposure, hazard or aggregation layer. Unlike the keywords editor, the keywords wizard understands the constraints and rules that determine which keywords can be applied to any given layer. For example, if you have a raster layer, the keywords wizard will use impact function metadata to prevent you from declaring that the layer contains road exposure data since by definition, such data must be vector line data.

Each impact function includes metadata that defines what rules should apply to data that will be used with that impact function. At startup, the wizard scans this metadata and uses it to define its rules.

For more general discussion on the keywords system used by InaSAFE, see the keywords system documentation.

Invoking the wizard

You can run the wizard by clicking on the icon in the InaSAFE toolbar that looks like this:

InaSAFE Keywords Wizard Icon


You should have at least one layer loaded and active in QGIS before attempting to launch the keywords wizard.

Once loaded the wizard will appear:

InaSAFE Keywords Wizard Icon


If the layer already has keywords assigned to it, the wizard will default to existing keywords on each step (where applicable).

Cancelling the wizard

The wizard can be cancelled at any time by clicking the Cancel button at the bottom of the wizard. No changes will be written to the keywords file if the wizard is cancelled.

Using the wizard

To use the wizard, simply follow the prompts presented on each page of the wizard. There are three standard forms of user input expected:

1.) List selection - In this case options are provided in a list. Clicking on an item will usually display additional helpful text in the information area of the dialog.

InaSAFE Keywords Wizard List Selection

2) Field selection - Whilst it appears to look like the list selection above, in this case the list is automatically generated from the available attributes of the layer.

InaSAFE Keywords Wizard Attribute List Selection

3) Free form text - In some cases you may be prompted to enter free form text in order to define some additional metadata.

InaSAFE Keywords Wizard Free Form Text

4) Drag and drop list - In this context the user should make concept mappings by dragging items from the left list (represented by unique field values from the attributes table) onto concepts in the right hand tree. For example, below we see the user mapping all polygons that have their ‘floodprone’ field value as ‘YES’ or ‘yes’ onto the ‘wet’ concept in the tree view on the right.

InaSAFE Keywords Wizard Free Form Text

Completing the wizard

On completion of the keywords wizard, a .keywords file will be written to disk and the keywords for the layer will be displayed in the dock area when that layer is active in QGIS.

InaSAFE Keywords Listing


The keywords wizard generates keywords that are not compatible with versions of InaSAFE older than 2.1.