Minimum Needs Tool

The purpose of the minimum needs tool is to provide a quick method of calculating support requirements (in terms of food, water, etc.) for displaced persons.

The minimum needs are based on ‘Perka 7/2008’ according to the following default formulas:

  • 400g rice per person per day (2.8kg per week)

  • 2.5l drinking water per person per day (17.5l per week)

  • 15l clean water per person per day (105l per week)

  • one family kit per family per week (assumes five people per family which is not specified in perka)

  • 20 people per toilet


In the current version of InaSAFE, these guidelines cannot be adjusted by the user. In a future version we will provide this facility.

In order to use this tool, you must first load a polygon layer in QGIS that contains areas (e.g. administrative areas) with an attribute that represents the number of displaced people in each area.

When the layer is loaded, click on the Minimum Needs tool in the toolbar:

Minimum Needs Tool

Minimum Needs Tool

In the dialog that appears, choose the QGIS layer that contains the administrative boundaries and then select the attribute in that layer that represents the number of displaced people.

When you are ready, click the OK button in the dialog.

After the analysis is completed, new keywords will be associated with the layer that indicate the needs according to the formulas defined above.